So much for the bad news. Now the good news.

America is a great country, peopled with some of the greatest folks on the planet (along with a whole bunch of dingbats), and we as a nation have faced troubled times before and prevailed.
We hear at TSS are persuaded that when the chips are down, the cream will float to the top. For those who have the foresight and means to deal with the above “bad news”, consider Triad Survival Systems plan of action for your family:
• A contingency plan of action in place…with a safe haven for your family
• A reliable way to get there
• Supplies to last your family for a year
The key to life here is a reliable means to get to a safe place… So, Say hello to the Diesel Overlander, your 8,000 pound insurance policy.

The total price for the three part system is $485,000.
If the above makes sense to you, we need to talk.